Wear purple for change

We're proud to announce our partnership with Challenge DV in the creation of a unique initiative aimed at shedding light on the challenges faced by Indigenous women in our communities. Together, we have designed a distinctive purple Indigenous-printed work shirt that symbolises strength, resilience, and unity.

Help those without a voice

Together, let's break the cycle. Purchase a shirt, raise awareness, and stand with us as we work towards a future free from domestic violence for Indigenous women in our communities.

The Story

This campaign draws its inspiration from the remarkable journey of Melisa Anderson, a Nywaigi Woman from her mother's side, Gumulaig from Urpi Kigu Peoyadh Ras/Mabuyag Island in Torres Strait from her father's side.

"Melisa and I connected during an Indigenous networking event in 2022, during our discussion, Melisa opened up about her life, recounting stories of her past relationships and the impact they had on her identity as a person and a mother. This narrative, coupled with her strength and resilience, inspired me to contribute further to supporting individuals in our community who face domestic and family violence regularly. It was from this inspiration that the concept of the Gani Yirra purple work shirt emerged." Michael Grundon, CoFounder - GaWun Supplies -

Michael Grundon & Melisa Anderson

The Artwork


Sharaya Summers
Mandingalbay Yidinji and
Birrigubba woman

The intricate design serves as a poignant symbol of the women who have been profoundly affected by the harrowing issue of domestic violence. The lines adorned with 'U' symbols intricately convey the painful entrapment experienced by those ensnared within the vicious cycle of abuse, mirroring their struggles and the difficult path toward freedom and recovery. We have named the shirt Gani Yirra {Ga Ni Yi Rra} North (Gani) representing moving forward and Seed (Yirra) as in planting the seed.

The impact

By purchasing these Indigenous-designed purple work shirts, individuals will not only be making a statement but also actively contributing to the financial support and empowerment of Indigenous women facing domestic violence through our charity partner Challenge DV, a domestic and family violence prevention organisation.

$10 per shirt will be donated directly to the Challenge DV public fund which emphasises awareness and education to prevent domestic and family violence.


"Daunia I&D Council were so grateful to be a part of such a special project that will create awareness and show support of DV Victims. Physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence and emotion abuse is something we do not tolerate in our business and no person should have to endure this in a lifetime. We hope that victims of DV can see us and know that we are here to help them."

"Being out in my Gawun purple shirt makes me feel like I am contributing to the conversation around Domestic Violence and how we as a community can keep people safe in their relationships.."
Councillor Teresa Lane
Div 2 Logan Councillor

"With “FAMILY” being our most important company value, raising awareness about Domestic Violence is of the utmost importance to us as an organisation. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to support this initiative, and the feedback from our guys is that they are generating thought-provoking discussions onsite. Speaking about sensitive issues such as domestic violence is the first step in speaking up”

“Our Downer team are proud to wear these shirts and help to start a conversation around domestic violence. As our team wears them around our Maryborough Rail Facility office, we hope to show that we stand in solidarity and encourage anyone suffering to seek support.”
Nikita Lawrence
People and Culture Advisor
Rail and Transit Systems

"At Evolution Mining & Civil, we pride ourselves on being a safe environment for all. One of the most effective ways we as a business can stand against domestic violence in a remote community is to raise awareness. By raising awareness, we can collectively drive positive change, break the cycle of abuse, and ensure the safety and well-being of survivors. By shedding light on this issue, we can educate our community and work towards creating a community where everyone feels safe and free from violence."


Our Gani Yirra campaign in partnership with Challenge DV aims to raise awareness and support for Indigenous women facing domestic violence through the sale of unique, Indigenous printed work shirts.

We strive to shed light on the often overlooked issue of domestic violence within Indigenous communities, particularly focusing on the experiences of women who face unique challenges.

Our campaign is driven by a deep commitment to standing in solidarity with Indigenous women, acknowledging their strength, and fostering a community of support.

 Breaking the cycle.

Our ambassadors

Together we can make a difference

Join us in breaking the cycle of domestic violence by wearing these shirts proudly, starting conversations, and becoming advocates for change within our communities.

If you need urgent help

13YARN - 13 92 76 - confidential one-on-one yarning with a Lifeline-trained Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter
National Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service - 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) or 1800respect.org.au
DVConnect Womensline [QLD] - 1800 811 811 or dvconnect.org/womensline
DVConnect Mensline [QLD] - 1800 600 636 or dvconnect.org/mensline
Sexual Assault Helpline [QLD] - 1800 010 120 dvconnect.org/sexual-assault-helpline
No To Violence - 1300 766 491 or ntv.org.au
Lifeline (24-hour Crisis Line) - 131 114 or lifeline.org.au
In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000) and ask for the police.